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  • Long filamentous virus 80nmx 1000nm, enveloped, single stranded, negative sense RNA
  1. Marburg virus and Ebola virus- antigenically different from each other
  2. 4 subtypes of Ebola v- Zaire, Sudan, Reston, Ivory Coast.
  3. Pathogenesis- Transmitted to man from primates by aerosols, direct contact with blood, body fluids etc.
  • Highly virulent infection, invariably fatal. Secondary spread between humans occurs
  1. Clinical features
    I.P.: 3-15 days, patient develops headache, fever, myalgia, severe haemorrhages, hypotension
  2. Laboratory diagnosis
  • Demonstration of virus: Electron microscopy
  • Isolation
  • Serology: Immunofluorescence

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