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Difficult Airway Management

  1. Assess the likelihood and clinical impact of basic management problems:
    • Difficulty with patient cooperation or consent
    • Difficulty mask ventilation
    • Difficulty supraglottic airway placement
    • Difficulty laryngoscopy
    • Difficulty intubation
    • Difficulty surgical airway access
  2. Actively pursue opportunities to deliver supplemental oxygen throughout the process of difficulty airway management.
  3. Consider the relative merits and feasibility of basic management choices:
    • Awake intubation vs. intubation after induction of general anesthesia
    • Non-invasive technique vs. invasive techniques for the initial approach to intubation
    • Video-assisted laryngoscopy as an initial approach to intubation
    • Preservation vs. ablation of spontaneous ventilation
  4. Develop primary and alternative strategies:

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