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Contact Lens

  1. Material
    1. Hard – Gas impermeable
    2. RGP- rigid gas permeable
    3. Soft-
      1. Elastomer (silicon rubber),
      2. Hydrogel
  2. Modality of use:  Daily wear, Flexible wear, extended wear, Continuous wear
  3. Frequency of lens removal: Disposable, Planned replacement(usually 6 months)
  4. Hydrogel lenses with high water content (Extended wear lenses)
  5. Hard lens
PMMA- Poly methyl methacrylate*
  1. Patient using soft contact lens (if tap water is used for cleaning) are at increased risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis*
  2. DK- Symbolizes oxygen permeability of contact lens, where D is diffusion co- efficient and K is solubility coefficient
  3. Toric lenses- for correcting cylinder power

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