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Frozen Shoulder (F.S) / Adhesive Capsulitis

It is characterized by progressive pain and stiffness of the shoulder, which usually resolve spontaneously after about 18 months. There is significant restriction in both active and passive range of motion. The shoulder is stiff even when the articular surface are normal & the joint is stable.

  1. Pathology
    Passes through three phases


Gradual onset of diffuse pain (6 wks to 9 months)


Decreased ROM affecting activities of daily living (4 to 9 months or more)


Gradual return of motion (5 to 26 months)

Associated Conditions

  • Diabetes
  • Previous surgery (lung and breast)
  • Extended hospitalization
  • Thyroid disorders (autoimmune etiology)
  • Prolonged immobilization

Description: download (17)

Capsule of glenohumeral joint inflamed

Description: Xray_Shoulder

X-ray is normal

  1. Clinical Presentation
    1. 40 - 60 years old patient often with, trivial trauma presents with gradually increasing pain. After several months pain subsides but stiffness becomes an increasing problem, continuing for another 6 —12 months after pain has disappeared, Gradually movements are regained, but it may not return to normal & some pain may persist.
    2. Often the first motion to be affected is internal rotation.
    3. The cardinal feature is stubborn lack of active and passive movement in all directions. i.e. global restriction of movements in all planes.

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