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Mallet Finger/ Baseball Finger

It is avulsion of extensor tendon of the distal interphalangeal joint from its insertion at the base of distal phalanx.

  1. Cause
    It may be because of direct trauma, but more often occurs when the fingertip is forcibly bent during active extension (i.e. sudden occurrence of passive flexion of distal interphalangealjoint).
  2. Presentation & Type
    1. The terminal phalanx is held flexed & patient cannot straighten it, but passive movement is normal.
    2. The proximal inter phalangeal joint may become hyper extended due to unbalanced extensor mechanism

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Mallet finger above and below bony mallet finger

Treatment with mallet splint

  1. Treatment
    1. An acute mallet finger should be splinted if the DIP joint in hyper extension for 8 weeks.

Jersey finger

Rupture of Flexor digitorum profundus tendon (Zone-1 injury)


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Student’s Elbow

Olecranon bursitis

Housemaid’s knee

Clergyman’s knee

Prepatellar bursitis

Infrapatellar bursitis

Weaver’s bottom

Tailor’s ankle


Ischial bursitis

Lateral malleolus

Medial side of great toe


Description: Bursitis

  1. In front of joint
    1. Prepatellar bursitis
    2. Infrapatellar bursitis

Description: di-knee-bursitis-650

Bursa around knee joint

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Prepatellar bursitis (Housemaid’s knee)

  1. Medial Side
    Bursa pes anserine
  2. On Back of Knee
    1. Semimembranosus bursa between semimembranosus & medial head of gastrocnemius
    2. Popliteal — Baker cyst is synovial herniation due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis & TB.

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