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Hearing Aids

There are 2 types of audio processing
  1. Features of Digital                                                                                   
  1. Programmable                                                                      
  2. Can be used in all type of hearing acids
  3. More flexible                                                                        
  4. Multiple process can be involved
  5. Reduce acoustic feedback, background noise
  6. Contact over wireless transmission through streamer
  7. Allows use of mobile phone microphone etc.
  1. Features of Analog
    1. Adjustable
    2. Conventional type;
    3. increases the volume of all incoming sounds with minor adjustments
    4. Programmable analog; programmed by computer. It has some flexibility for adjustment based on preferences and listening environment.
  2. BAHA – (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid)
    1. It is auditory prosthetic
    2. Surgically implanted
    3. Uses skull as pathway for sound to enter inner ear to stimulate inner nerve fibers there by bypassing external / middle ear.
    4. For children          
      < 5 year - anchored in headband
      > 5 years - titanium β€˜post’ embedded in skull.

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