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Minimal Change Disease

This occurs commonly in children below 16 years of age, accounting for about 70 – 80% of nephrotic syndrome in them.


The blood pressure is normal.

GFR is normal or slightly reduced. No significant urinary sediment is seen.


Proteinuria in the nephrotic range is present.

Selective proteinuria
is seen (there is selective excretion of low molecular weight protein like albumin and absence of high molecular weight protein like globulin in the urine).

Selective presence of low molecular weight protein in urine indicates a good prognosis.



  1. Idiopathic            
  2. Drugs – NSAID, rifampicin, IFN – alpha
  3. Hodgkin’s disease
  4. HIV.

Renal biopsy – light microscopic examination is normal.


Foot process fusion is seen under electron microscope.


Remissions of proteinuria with glucocorticoids carries a good prognosis.


Cytotoxic therapy may be required for replace. Progression to renal failure is uncommon.

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