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Saturnine gout occur due to? (AIPG 03)

A Uric acid

B Monosodium urate

C Lead

D Calcium pyrophosphate

Ans. C Lead

Extra Edge:

1. Saturnine Gout is a type Tubulointerstitial Disease due to chronic lead poisoning. It is NOT due to uric acid. (FAQ) AIIMS May 07

2. The fever of pyelonephritis typically exhibits a high, spiking "picket-fence" pattern and resolves over 72 h of therapy. Bacteremia develops in 20–30% of cases of pyelonephritis. (H-18th Pg- 2390)

3. Table 288-1, Treatment strategies for acute uncomplicated cystitis (H-18th Pg- 2393)

a. Nitrofurantoin, b. TMP-SMX, c. Fosfomycin,

d. Pivmecillinam, e. Fluoroquinolones, f. -Lactams,