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Persistent Delusional disorder

Clinical features: Well systematized delusions of Non Bizarre type and functioning of the patient in other areas e.g. self care, occupation etc are usually intact or normal.
Non bizarre delusions (i.e. involving situations that occurs in real life, such as being followed, Poisoned, infected, loved at a distance or deceived by spouse is present.
Distorted observations. Inferences and fantasies, very commonly the patient sees himself as a victim of some concerned action.
Types- erotomanic type (Decleambaults syndrome ) delusions that another person usually of higher states is in love with the individuals.
Jealous type – delusion of inflated worth. Power etc.
Persecutory – being malevolently treated in some way.
Somatic type- person has some physical detect or general medical condition.
Capgras syndrome: Familiar person appears as Stranger Posing as Familiar (i.e. Patient feels his doctor is not the real one but somebody else is posing as his doctor)
Fregoli Syndrome (Patient believes that a single known person is posing as various people around him and thus is action as an imposter )
Cotard syndrome – Nihilistic delusions that person has lost everything. Usually associated with depression.
Lycanthropy – delusion of going ware wolf
Heutoscopy – false belief that one has doubles.

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