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Central Nervous System

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Skilled voluntary movement is initiated at

A Cerebral Cortex (motor cortex)

B Basal ganglia

C Cortical association areas

D Cerebellum

Ans. A Cerebral Cortex (motor cortex)

Control of posture and movement -

1. Commands for voluntary movement originate in cortical association area (motor cortex).

2. The movements are planned in the cortex as well as in the basal ganglia and the lateral portions of the cerebellar hemispheres.

3. Motor commands from motor cortex are relayed in large part via the corticospinal tract to the spinal cord and corticobulbar tract to motor neurons in the brain stem the corticospinal and corticobulbar system is the primary pathway for the initiation of skilled voluntary movement

4. The main brain stem pathways that are concerned with posture and co-ordination are the rubrospinal, reticulospinal, tectospinal, and vestibulospinal tracts, and corresponding projections to motor neurons in the brain stem.