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Some Important Points

  1. Epidemiology: Study of disease distribution & determinants
  2. Descriptive Epidemiology: Describes time, place & person distribution
  3. Analytical epidemiology: Helps prove a hypothesis or establish cause effect relationship
  4. Case Control Study: Always retrospective (proceeds from effect to cause)
  5. Cohort Study: Cab be prospective, retrospective or mixed
  6. Nested Case Control Study: Prospective design
  7. Incidence can be calculated from: Any prospective or longitudinal study
  8. Prevalence can be calculated from: Cross Sectional study
  9. Best Study design: Randomized Controlled trial
  10. Best method to establish Causal Inference: Metanalysis
  11. Metanalysis is not a study design but only a method of analysis
  12. Randomization: Eliminates Selection Bias, may or may not make the group comparable on baseline characteristics

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