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Commonest Mode Of Spinal Injury

  1. In developing country eg. India- fall from height (eg. Tree)
  2. In developed countries-road traffic accident
  3. Dislocation of cervical spine
    1. The craniocervical junction refers to the structures that extend from the skull base to C2, and is comprised of occipital condyles, Cl and C2. It has high vulnerability to injury because of large lever arm induced rostrally by cranium and the relative freedom of movement of craniocervical junction which relies disproportionately on ligamentous structures rather than on intrinsic bony stability. 
    2. The upper five cervical spine rely primarily on intact ligamentous system for stability. This unique anatomical feature allows for substantial portion of neck movements. 
    3. Upper cervical spines has highest chances of dislocation without fracture as their zygapophyseal (facet) joints slope in almost antero — posterior horizontal plane. Where as in thoracic & lumbar region facet joints are oriented vertically and inter locked.

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