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Ratatory Instabilities (R.I) Of Knee

Anterolateral Instability.
  1. Damaged structure
    1. ACL, LCL,
    2. Lateral knee capsule
    3. Test
      1. Pivot shift test
      2. Anterior drawer test with foot internally rotated 300
  2. Anteromedial Instability.
    1. Damage structure
      1. ACL, Medial collateral ligament (MCL)
      2. Medial knee capsule (posterior oblique ligament)
    2. Test
      1. Anterior drawer test with foot externally rotated 150
  3. Posterolateral Instability
    1. Damage structure
      1. Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
      2. Arcuate complex (LCL, arcuate ligament, popliteus)
    2. Test
      1. Reverse pivot shift test
      2. Dial test
Description: C:\Users\RAMKINKAR JHA\Downloads\575-34_default.jpg
Dial test at 30° knee flexion in prone position

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