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Action of Muscles

Entraocular muscles
  1. Horizontal recti-
    1. lateral rectus  abduction,
    2. Medial rectus  adduction
  2. Vertical recti
    1. Superior rectus – Elevation, adduction, Intorsion*
    2. Inferior rectus – Depression, Adduction, Extorsion*
  3. The oblique:
    1. Superior oblique – Depression, Intorsion, Abduction*
    2. Inferior oblique – Elevation, Extorsion, Abduction* 
Important Points about Secondary action of muscles
  1. Superior (Recti and Obliques) are intortor*
  2. Recti (Superior and Inferior) are adductors*
  3. Oblique(Superior and Inferior) are abductors*

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