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Deficiency of form sense resulting in reduction in visual acuity
  1. Pathophysiology: Cell shrinkage in parvocellular layers of lateral geniculate body
  2. Signs and Symptoms
    1. Filters, when placed over amblyopic eye may not degrade acuity in contrast to normal eye where Decreased visual acuity
    2. Enhanced crowding phenomenon
  3. Types
    1. Congenital Amblyopia- Colour blindness, nystagmus, albinism
    2. Strabismic amblyopia
    3. Form deprivation
  4. Treatment
  1. Refractive correction
  2. Occlusion of normal eye
  3. Penalization ( with atropine)
  4. CAM stimulator of normal eye
  5. Pleoptics – Stimulation of fovea by means of after- images in case of eccentric fixation
  6. Drug therapy- Levodopa / Carbidopa

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