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  1. Sterilization: Process by which an article, surface, medium is freed of all microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, their spores & fungi
  2. Disinfection: Process of destruction of organisms capable of giving rise to infection: (bacterial spores not killed)
  3. Antisepsis: Destruction of microorganisms in living tissues. A disinfectant applied to living tissue is referred to as an antiseptic
    1. Physical Agents   
      1. Sunlight   
      2. Drying    
      3. Heat                 
      4. Filtration   
      5. Radiation    

  1. Chemical Agents
    1. Phenols/ cresols
    2. Halogens
    3. Metallic salts
    4. Aldehydes
    5. Alcohol
    6. Dyes
    7. Vapour-phase disinfectants   
    8. Surface active disinfectants                                      

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