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High Frequency Audiometry

  1. High frequency audiometry is done to control drug dosages and prevent or minimize hearing loss.
  2. In this test, hearing levels are measured at frequencies higher than those obtained during a standard evaluation.
  3. Conventional audiometry tests frequencies lie in between 250 hertz (Hz) and 8 kHz. Whereas, high frequency audiometry tests in the region of 8-20 kHz.
  1. Otoacoustic emissions: (OAE)
    (Cochlear Echoes/Kemp Echoes)
    1. Principle: OAE: Records the sound generated by the outer cochlear hair cells
    2. Recording: Deep external. Auditory meatus
    3. Types: Spontaneous, Transient or Evoked type – KEMP echoes
    4. EOAEs: Reduce very rapidly as deafness increases and are undetectable when deafness is > 30 dB HL approx. (Click sound used: 80 dB)
    5. Interpretation: Absence of EOAE indicates problem in the middle ear/ cochlea.​

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