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Tetany can occur most likely in which of the following condition? (LQ)

A Addison

B Conn syndrome


D All of the above

Ans. B

Conn syndrome

Tetany:Definition: Increase excitability of peripheral nerve due either to a low serum calcium or low serum magnesium or alkalosis

Note:In CRF, Hypocalcemia is a feature but tetany does not occurs due to acidosis which prevents tetany (MCQ)

Causes of tetany

1). Due to hypocalcemia

a. Malabsorption

b. Osteomalacia

c. Hypoparathyroidism

d. Acute pancreatitis

2). Due to alkalosis

a. Repeated vomiting

b. Hyperventilation

c. Primary hyperaldosteronism

3). Hypomagnesemia

Extra Edge: Serum Ca & Mg level in the blood are usually parallel but notable exception are CRF (Low serum Ca and high serum Mg) & Gitelman syndrome (Normal High serum Ca and low serum Mg).

Clinical feature of tetany

1). In children a characteristic triad of

a. Carpopedal spasm

b. Stridor

c. Convulsions.

2). In adults complain of tingling in the hands, feet and around the mouth. Carpopedal spasm (Main d’accoucheur position)

Latent tetany signs are

1). Trousseau’s sign

2). Chvostek sign

Treatment of tetany

1). Injection calcium gluconate I/V

2). In case of persistent vomiting – I/V saline

3). In hyperventilation – Re breath from same bag