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Cadaveric spasm / instantaneous rigor/ cataleptic rigidity

  1. Without the stage of primary relaxation the contracted muscles during life go into instant rigor.
  2. Single group of muscles involved.
  3. Voluntary muscles involved.
  4. Can not be produced by any method after death.
  5. Exhausted ATP in the affected muscles.
  6. It indicates the mode of death: suicide/homicide/accident.
  7. The muscles that were contracted during life become stiff and rigid immediately after death without passing into stage of relaxation
  8. Predisposing factors:
    1. sudden asphyxial death                            
    2. excitement      
    3. cerebral hemorrhage                                       
    4. fear
    5. injury to the nervous system                            
    6. severe pain
    7. drowning (grass, weeds firmly                 
    8. exhaustion
    9. grasped in the hand in AM drowning)
      1. soldiers in action
      2. fire-arm injury (pistol/knife firmly grasped in victim’s hand in suicide, not in homicide.

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