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Changes in the eye

  1. Within minutes – fragmentation or segmentation (trucking) of blood column in the retinal vessels known as ‘KEVORKIAN SIGN ‘.
  2. In 2 – 4 hrs – cornea becomes opaque
  3. In 3 hrs – ‘ Taches noires ’ on sclera: 2 yellow triangles of desiccated discoloration on the sclera at each side of the iris, which becomes brown and then black.
    1. Cooling of the body .
    2. A rough idea of time since death can be calculated by
      1. normal body temp – rectal temp (in farenheit)  
      2. a. 1.5 ( rate of temp fall in farenheit / hr )
    3. In India – average heat loss is about 0.50 C and body attains environment temp. in about 16-20 hours after death.

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