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0.5 gm in sella turcica; two distinct component

  1. Anterior lobe
  2. Posterior lobe


  • Adenoma - single cell type / More than one cell type associated with MEN 1
  • More than 1 cm – macroadenoma
  • Less than 1 cm – microadenma
  • Soft well circumscribed; occasionally hemorrhage in adenoma (pituitary apoplexy) 

Prolactinoma:  Q

30% of pituitary adenomas

  1. Small microadenomas secrete large amount of pedactin
  2. Any mass in suprasellar compartment may disturb the normal inhibitory influence of the hypothalamus on prolactin secretion resulting in hyperprolactinemia. This is called stalk effect 

Hypopituitarism: Q

  1. When more than 75% of parenchyma is lost
  2. Congenital
  3. Acquired - tumor, surgery, ischemic necrosis
  4. Empty sella syndrome

a. Primary


b. Secondary when a adenoma is removed

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