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Thoracic Duct


  1. Thoracic duct is also called as Pecquetduct. It is the largest lymphatic ductin body, about 45cms (18 inches) long. It has a beaded appearance because of the presence of many valves in its lumen. Thoracic ductbegins as a continuation of the upper end of the cisterna chylinear the lower border of T vertebra and enters the thorax through the aortic opening) of diaphragm (at T 12). It ascends through the posterior mediastinum and at T5 level crosses from right side to the left sideand ascends along left margin of oesophagus to enter the neck. At the level of C7 vertebrae, arches toward left side to open into left brachiocephalic veinat the angle of union of leftsubclavian and left internal jugular veins.
  2. Thoracic duct receives lymph from both halves of the body below the diaphragm and the left half above diaphragm. Its tributaries are :-
    1. Right and left lumbar trunk.
    2. In thorax:-Posterior mediastinal nodes, small intercostal lymph nodes.
    3. In Neck:-Left jugular trunk, left subclavian trunk and left bronchomediastinaltrunk.

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