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Thorn apple (a spherical fruit with sharp spines)

  1. Atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine – active ingredients
  2. S/S :
    1. Delirium : muttering delirium - irrelevant talking pill rolling movement carphologia- picking up imaginary threads from clothes, bed sheets
    2. Drowsiness
    3. Dilated pupils (Not responsive to light)
    4. Diplopia
    5. Drunken gait
    6. Dilated blood vessels
    7. Dry and hot skin and flushing of the face
    8. Constipation
    9. Bronchoditation
    10. Dysphagia
    11. Dysarthria
    12. Dry mouth
    13. Death due to respiratory failure
  3. Fatal dose: 1 gm (100 seeds)
  4. Fatal period: 1 day
  5. Uses: Road poison/railway platform poison (powdered seeds used by criminals for stupefying, prior to robbery, rape or kidnapping)
  6. T/T:
    1. Potassium permanganate + tannic acid, for gastric lavage
    2. Physostygmine is specific anti dote
    3. Pilocarpine nitrate


  1. CANNABIS SATIVA/ INDICA:  (Indian hemp, hashish, marijuana)
  2. Tetra hydro cannabinol *  – active principle
  3. Charas is the most potent form
  4. s/s : 
    1. INEBRIATION – dreamy, semiconscious, realistic vision of sexual nature, one sees nude beautiful women dancing before him playing music.
    2. Psychological high, increased heart rate, delayed psychomotor skills 
  5. NARCOSIS – tingling and numbness of skin, giddiness and ataxia, general anesthesia
  6. CHRONIC POISONING – degeneration of CNS
    1. anorexia, weakness, tremors, impotence
    2. insanity
    3. hallucination
    4. delusion of persecution (RUN AMOK), that makes violent attempt to kill people and finally might commit suicide.
  7. Preperations
    1. Bhang
      Dried leaves, fruit shoots
      F/D – 10 gms/kg of body weight
    2. Ganja ( Marijhuana)
      Flowering tops of female plants
      F/D – 8 gm
    3. Charas / Hashish – Most potent form
      Resinous exudates of leaves and stems
      F/D – 2 gm
    4. Majoon
      Sweet prepared with bhang


  1. Is obtained from leaves of erythroxylum Coco.
  2. Used as recreational drug, anesthetic or an aphrodisiac.
  3. The route of intake is snorting (pure or mixed with Boric acid), smoking and skin popping.
  4. Vasoconstrictor: leads to Cardiac Infarction and Ischemic Colitis.
  5. SPEED BALL: heroin (it dampens the harsh effect) + cocaine
  6. CRACK HOUSE: where cocaine is sold or smoked.
  7. S/s of acute poisoning: (sym of sympathomimetic)
    1. state of excitement – euphoria
      1. increased mental and physical energy. (due to increased Dopamine)
      2. stimulation of libido and restless
      3. dilated pupils, flushed face
      4. tachycardia, hyperthermia
      5. increased respiratory rate
    2. Stage of depression – respiratory and cardiac failure ending in death.
    3. Chronic poisoning:
      1. Cocainism/ Cocainophagia/ Cocainomania: Abusers tolerate upto 10 gm / day
      2. The tongue and teeth of cocaine eaters are black.
      3. The nasal septum perforates.
      4. Anorexia, loss of weight,
      5. Hallucinations - chiefly tactile,
      6. Delusion of persecution.
      7. Impotence, moral deterioration, insanity.
      8. Cocaine bug/Magnan’s symptoms/Formication : Feeling as if grains of sand are lying under the skin or some small insects are creeping on the skin.
      9. Fatal dose: 1 gm orally
      10. Fatal period: 1 hr

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