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Hydrocyanic acid

  1. CYANOGEN / PRUSSIC ACID has odour resembeling bitter almond.
  2. HydroCyanic acid, a colourless volatile liquid found in fruits like peach, plum, bitter almond. It exists in the form of glycoside amygladin (harmless). acted upon by emulsin to liberate harmful hydrocyanic acid.
  3. Cyanides ( white powder ) used in photography, electroplating, fumigation of ship.
  4. Cytochrome cxidase, Carbonic anhydrase is inhibited.
  5. Cytotoxic and histotoxic anoxia leads to death.
  6. Corrosive effect on the mucous membrane, when inhaled instantaneous death.
  7. Cyanides ( salts) when ingested react with HCL of stomach to liberate HCN.
  8. (Achlorhydric pt may not suffer from toxic effect of ingestion of KCN).
  9. Cyanides change to Carbonate when kept too long but the salt is still poisonous.
  10. S/S;
    1. Headache, giddiness, convulsion, seizure.
    2. Dilated & fixed pupil,
    3. Smell of bitter almond and froth at the mouth.
    4. Cyanosed face , clenched jaw ,
    5. Respiratory failure leads to death.
  11. Fatal dose:  60 mg of pure acid
    60 drops of crude oil of bitter almond
    200 of KCN
  12. Antidote :
    1. AMYL NITRITE by inhalation.
    3. Dicobalt Acetate
    4. Para-Amino Propiophenone
    5. vit B12
  13. GASTRIC LAVAGE : 5% of sodium thiosulphate, sodium nitrite.

    sulphate of iron
    followed by potassium carbonate to form prussian blue ( inert)



    i. PM : BRICK RED blood due to cyanmeth Hb.

               BRAIN, LUNG , BLOOD , URINE , VOMITUS preserved.

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