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WHITE PHOSPHORUS                               RED PHOSPHORUS

crystalline                                                       amorphous

toxic                                                                  non-toxic

GARLIC ODOUR                                              odourless

LUMINIOUS in the dark                                 non luminous

  1. when exposed to atmosphere it gives white fumes of phosphoric acid.
  2. Red phosphorus used on the striking surface of match box.
  3. (tip of match stick contains potassium chlorate + antimony sulphide).
  4. Accidental death in children who have eaten FIRE CRACKERS or RAT POISON.
  5. S/S:
    1. When acute, symptoms like any other irritant poison after a 2 days gap sym due to absorbed poison. Mainly damages LIVER & KIDNEY.
    2. NECROBIOSIS: Phosphorus is a protoplasmic poison, its effects are comparable to ischemia. Deposition of glycogen in liver is inhibited while deposition of fat is increased ◊ FATTY DEGENERATION. Jaundice and distention of abdomen due to enlargement & necrosis of liver.
      1. YELLOW ATROPHY: Shrunken liver due to necrosis , it occurs in late stages.
      2. Urine contains crystals of tyrosine, leucine and cystine due to disturbed metabolism.
      3. PHOSSY JAW: Osteomyelitis of lower jaw bone (in the region of decayed tooth) with multiple sinus discharging foul smelling pus.
        Skin contact produces painful, penetrating second and third degree burn.
      4. Hypoprothrombinaemia leads to purpura and epistaxis.
      5. Nervous system : frontal pain , insomnia , ringing in the ears , impaired vision,         
      6. FORMICATION, cramps , paralysis , priapism.
  6. Fatal dose : 60- 120 mg
  7. TREATMENT:            
    1. Oil , milk , fatty substances C/I as they promote its absorption.
    2. POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE acts as chemical antidote.
    3. COPPER SULPHATE may be used as antidote.
    4. LIQUID PARAFFIN retards absorption.
    5. VIT K useful in treatment.
    6. IV SALINE to combat shock.
    7. IV DEXTROSE to protect the liver.
    8. PERITONEAL or HAEMODIALYSIS to combat renal failure.
    9. SKIN BURNS washed with 1% copper sulphate solution.
  8. PM APP : In early cases same as any irritant poison. In late cases body is emaciated, smell of garlic. Jaundice & Hg’ under the skin and various natural orifices.
  9. STOMACH MUCOSA: Grayish white or yellowish, softened, inflamed and corroded.
    1. SUBENDOCARDIAL Hg’ in the left ventricle.
    2. The blood is tarry with reduced coagulability.
    3. Viscera is preserved in common salt, not in spirit to preserve the luminosity.

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