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Organs Involved in Various Poisons

  1. Heart:- digitalis, strychnine
  2. Brain : barbiturates, alcohol, organophosphorous, opiates, organic poisons (volatile) cyanides, CO, - alkaloids,  strychnine, nux vomica
  3. Bone:  HEAVY METALs
  4. Hair and nails: chronic arsenic poisoning
  5. Lungs: - gaseous poisons (CO, coal gas), solvent abuse, HCN, alcohol, chloroform
  6. Uterus and appendages: criminal abortions, sexual offences
  7. Bile: barbiturates, cocaine, methadone, glutathione
  8. Blood:  alcohol, coal gas, CO, HCN
  9. Urine, CSF and vitreous humor: Fluoride, cyanide, CO, cocaine, ALCOHOL
  10. Vitreous humor: alcohol and chloroform.
  11. CSF: Alcohol. 

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