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Viscera Preservation

  1. For histopath - fix in 10% neutral formalin or 95% alcohol.
  2. For virologycal examination – 50% glycerol in buffered saline
  3. Blood samples for volatile substances: small glass bottles with aluminium foil lining
  4. Preservatives are not necessary if:
    1. Viscera can be analyzed before 24 hrs
    2. Sample can be kept in a refrigerator or ice box (4*C)
    3. Bone, hair, nails
    4. Lung for detecting inhaled poison
  5. Viscera Should not be Preserved in Formaldehyde
  6. Commonly used preservative is saturated solution of NaCl.
    1. Contraindications of using saturated solution of NaCL are:
      1. Corrosive acids (except phenol)
      2. Alkali
      3. Corrosive sublimate
      4. Aconite

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