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Fracture Medial Epicondyle/Condyle Humerus

  1. The ossification centre of medial epicondyle of humerus appears between 5 - 7 years and fuses to the shaft (diaphysis) between 16-20 years.
  2. In older patients (> 7yr.) the medial epicondyle fragment is usually easily identified radio graphically. However radiographic interpretation is very difficult in younger patients
  3. In either case, assessment of minimally displaced fractures may be facilitated with comparison views of both elbows .
  4. Ulnar nerve runs in a groove in the posterior aspect of medial epicondyle and so it is most commonly involved nerve in the medial epicondylar fracture
  5. But it is important to note that the involvement is immediate not tardy (late) as in fractures of lateral condyle humerus.
  6. Medial epicondylar fractures are most commonly associated (~50%) with elbow dislocations.
  7. These fractures are usually managed non operatively until they become entrapped in joint or >1cm displaced.

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