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Fracture Olecranon

  1. Treatment Plan of Fracture Olecranon
    1. Undisplaced transverse fractures that does not separate (displace) when elbow is x-rayed in flexion Cast immobilization in ~60° flexion for 2-3 weeks & then exercises are begun.
  1. Excision of the proximal fragment is useful in situations in which there is enough olecranon left to provide a base for trochlea. Excision is an easy & rapid procedure which eliminates the possibility of nonunion & arthritis; but causes triceps weakness, elbow instability and loss of elbow motion.
  2. TBW can be done in undisplaced fractures also as it allows early mobilization.
  3. Displaced oblique fractures- Tension Band Wiring is the usual treatment.
    Olecranon fracture extending to coronoid process must be fixed.

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