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7 out of 7

Treatment of choice in TTP is (LQ)

A Antibiotic
B Blood transfusion

C Plasma exchange
D Dialysis

Ans. C Plasma exchange

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) (AIIMS Nov 07)

It is a pentad of:

1 Fever

2 Fluctuating CNS signs (eg fits, hemiparesis, consciousness, vision)

3. Microangiopathichemolytic anemia (MAHA) (severe, often with jaundice)

4 Thrombocytopenia (severe, often mucosal bleeding)

5 Renal failure. Also: haematuria or proteinuria.

Adult are chiefly affected

Pathogenesis: Adult are chiefly affected due to deficiency of specific metalloproteinase ADAMTS-13


1. Idiopathic

2. Drugs (egclopidogrel, cyclosporine),

3. Pregnancy, HIV, SLE.

Tests: As HUS. In both (HUS and TTP) - PT, PTT, fibrinogen concentration are normal.

DIC is not a feature.

Rx: It is a hematological emergency

1. Urgent plasma exchange is life-saving. It is the treatment of choice.

2. Steroids.