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Liver & GIT

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Treatment of pseudomembranous colitis? (LQ)

A Vancomycin

B Piperacillin

C Ticarcillin

D None of the above

Ans. A Vancomycin

Extra Edge: Pseudomembranous colitis: Nosocomial, cause by C. difficile, can be life threatening, may have infrequent loose stool to severe water diarrhea. No blood in stool, No tenderness on palpation.

Diagnosis: Sigmoidoscopy, Confirmation by presence of toxin in stool.


1. Metronidazole

2. Vancomycin

3. Adjunctive therapy may include cholestyramine, a bile acid resin that can be used to bind C. difficile toxin.

Recent Advances:

1. Alvimopan is use for constipation due to opioids and postoperative ileus.

Aprepitant is a substance P/neurokinin NK-1 receptors antagonists. It is indicated for prevention of acute and delayed chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.