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Tumors of PNS

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True about Basal Cell Carcinoma (LQ)

A Equal incidence in male and female

B Commoner on the trunk

C Radiation is the only treatment

D Commonly metastasize

E Chemotherapy can be given

Ans. E Chemotherapy can be given

Ref. Current Otolaryngology 3rd/ed p 238,239;

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Usually seen in middle age and above (40-80 years)

M/C in Males.

Main etiology is UV exposure.

Usually seen above a line joining angle of mouth and ear lobule.

Commonest site is inner canthus of eye.

Commonest variety is Nodular (painless shiny nodule). Later it forms an ulcer with hard raised edges.

It is a locally infiltrating tumor which may erode surrounding tissue. Hence also known as Rodent ulcer.

No lymphatic/bloodstream spread.

Diagnostic procedure of chace is Wedge biopsy,

Treatment of choice is wide surgical excision.

Chemotherapy in the form of topical 5% imiquimod, topical 5 fluorouracil is also being used.

In patients> 60 years = Radiotherapy is the treatment.

Note-Mohs Surgery is being done in Basal Cell Cacrinoma

It involves sequential excision of the tumor under frozen section control with 100% evaluation of tumor margins. Specimens are evaluated on a horizontal basis (normal froze~ sections give us only 10% tumor margin and specimen is evaluated on a vertical basis.)

Mohs surgery is useful for basal cell carcinoma arising in difficult areas like inner canthus where wide excision may not be practical and for recurrent tumors.

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