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Central Nervous System

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True statement. regarding CSF is

A Daily production < 700 ml

B CSF analysis rules out active secretion as a cause of formation of CSF

C It flows from III ventricle to the IV ventricle

D Produced only by choroid plexus

Ans. A Daily production < 700 ml

CSF: ­

a. Total volume 150ml. Q

b. Daily Production is about 550ml Q

c. 50-70% of CSF is formed in the choroid plexuses and the remainder is formed around blood vessels and along ventricular wall. Q

d. The process of formation of CSF includes both filtration and secretion. Q

e. circulation of CSF CSF passes from lateral ventricle to 3rd ventricle though the foramen monro then 3rd to 4th ventricle though aqueduct of Sylvius then 4th ventricle to subarachnoid space via the foramina of Luschka and Magendie Q

f. CSF is absorbed via the arachnoid villi (in sagittal sinus) into the venous blood of cranium and spinal cord. Q

g. CSF is also absorbed partly by the perineural Lymphatics around 1st 2nd 7th & 8th cranial nerves