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Fuch’s uveitis syndrome or fuch’s heterochromic cyclitis (FUS)


  1. Non-granulomatous, anterior uveitis affecting one eye of a middle aged patient
  2. C/F
    1. Uniocular blurring of vision secondary to cataract formation.
    2. Keratic Precipitates* – Are pathognomic as they are small, stellate and grey – white scattered through- out the cornea.
    3. Aqueous humor - Faint Flare and few cells
    4. Absence of posterior synechiae
    5. Iris stromal atrophy – May be associated with patchy atrophy of posterior pigment layer of iris.
    6. Heterochromia iridis
    7. Gonioscopy – Neovascularization. Bleeding causing hyphema is known as Amslers sign
  3. Complications-
    1. Cataract
    2. Glaucoma – Usually of open angle type caused by trabecular sclerosis.

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