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Intermediate Uveitis or Pars Planitis or Chronic Cyclitis


Typically affecting children or young adults

S/S –

  1. Floaters – gradually increasing
  2. Diminished vision- if associated with CME
  1. O/E- Anterior chamber- may be quiet or few cells and KPs present
    1. Vitritis
      1. Cells
      2. Snowballs or cotton balls
      3. PVD- posterior vitreous detachment
    2. Mild peripheral periphlebitis → sheathing of terminal venules
    3. Snow – banking → Hallmark of pars planitis but absent in chronic cyclitis . Consists of grey – white plaque involving the inferior pars plana; which can only be seen by indirect ophthalmoscopy or scleral indentation
  2. Complications
    1. CME         
    2. Secondary cataract      
    3. Tractional RD              
    4. Cyclitic membranes 
  3. Tt:  is in a 4- step approach-
    1. Periocular steroid injections                 
    2. Systemic steroids and cytotoxic drugs
    3. Cryotherapy of vitreous base               
    4. Vitrectomy

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