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Ocular Features

  1. Anterior Segment
    1. Madarosis, Primary chancre of conjunctiva, scleritis, interstitial keratitis
    2. Acute granulomatous or non –granulomatous uveitis
  2. Posterior segment
    1. Multifocal chorio – retinitis
      “Salt and pepper fundus “ also called “pseudo retinitis pigmentosa*”
    2. Neuro retinitis – Retinal and disc edema with peripapillary (around the disc) cotton wool spots and flame – shaped hemorrhages.
    3. Neuro ophthalmic features –
      1. Argyll – Robertson Pupil – Light reaction absent and near reflex present*.
      2. Optic nerve lesions-
        1. Retrobulbar neuritis
        2. Peri optic Neuritis – Inflammation of meningeal sheaths of optic nerve, seen in association with syphilitic meningitis

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