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Central Nervous System

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Waves seen in EEG at the Hippocampus

A Alpha
B Beta
C Theta
D Delta

Ans. C Theta

1. Alpha rhythm8-12 Hz Q, with Amplitude of 50-1 00 µV, most marked in the parieto-occipital area. Produced when the person is awake but at rest with the mind wandering and the eyes closed. Q

2. Beta rhythm 18-30Hz Q with lower amplitude, seen over frontal region, produced when the person is awake high alert, and eye opened. Q

3. Gamma-oscillations: 30-80 Hz, often seen when an individual is aroused and focuses attention on something. Q

4. Theta rhythm 4-7 Hz Q with large amplitude, generated in Hippocampus. Q

5. Delta waves<4Hz Q, with large amplitude, seen in deep sleep or cerebral sleep or stage 4 NREM sleep Q

6. Ponto geniculo-occipital (PGO) spikes one of the characteristic of REM sleep (=Paradoxical sleep) Q