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Which is not a feature of anemia?

A Dysnea
B Angina

C Edema
D Diastolic murmur

Ans. D

Diastolic murmur


Definition-Anemia may be defined as a state in which the blood hemoglobin level is below the normal range for the patient’s age and sex

(Males < 13gm/dL; females < 12 gm/dL. (Pregnancy <11 gm%) (Ref. Table 14, Pg. 539, Park 20th edi)

Hemoglobin at birth is about 20 gm/dl and it gets reduced to 10 gm/dl at 3 months of age.

Extra Edge: Symptoms and Signs

1. Fatigue,

2. breathlessness on exertion,

3. palpitation,

4. angina,

5. tachycardia,

6. cardiac dilatation,

7. systolic flow murmurs,

8. edema.