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Which is the most common location of intracranial neurocysticercosis : (AIIMS Nov 2009)

A Brain parenchyma
B Subarachnoid space

C Spinal cord
D Orbit

Ans. A

Brain parenchyma

1). Most common central nervous system parasitic infection Neurocysticercosis.

2). Commonest presentation of neurocysticercosis is Seizures

3). These is wide variety of presentation of Neurocysticercosis depending on the intensity of the infestation, the localization of cysticerci and the degree of inflammatory reaction.

4). Cysticercosis is infection with the larval stage (cysticercus cellulosae) of T. solum(beef tape –worm).

5). The lesion of neurocysticercosis is readily visualized by MRI or CT Scan.

6). Parenchymal brain calcifications are the most common findings on NCCT.

These cysts are located in order of frequency in:

1). CNS (Neurological manifestations are the most common)

2). Subcutaneous tissue

3). Striated muscle

4). Globe of the eye

1). Brain Parenchyma is the most common site of neurocysticercosis. 'The ventricular system is the second most common site of neurocysticercosis.

2). Most common sites of Neurocysticercosis:

Parenchymatous> interventricular > subarachnoid> spinal> orbital.