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Which new drug is being used to treat Beh|et’s syndrome? (AIIMS Nov 09)

A Rasburicase

B Thalidomide

C Benzbromarone

D All of the above

Ans. B Thalidomide


i. Mucous membrane involvement may respond to topical glucocorticoids in the form of mouthwash of paste.

ii. In more serious cases thalidomide (100 mg/d) is effective. (AIIMS Nov 2009)

iii. Aspirin for thrombophlebitis

iv. Steroid and azathioprine for uveitis and CNS Beh|etsyndrome .

v. Interferon is very effective for uveitis and CNS Beh|et syndrome. (Ref: H-18th edition, Pg-2802)

Extra Edge: Other Uses of thalidomide

a. Amyloidosis, b. Behcet syndrome, c. Chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis, d. Inflammatory bowel disease,

e. Lepra reactions, f. Multiple myeloma, g. Myelodysplasia, h. Sarcoidosis.