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Autocoids (Histamine and Serotonin)

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Which of the following is not used as a sedative, but causes sedation as a side effect: (LQ)

A Antipsychotics
B Antihistaminics,

C Antidepressant
D Lithium

Ans. D Lithium

Antihistaminic drugs are used as sedative and hyponotics in children (Drugs of Choice’ Dhikav’2008, AITBS, Publishers, 3rd Edition). Rest of them have sedative action but are not used for this purpose.

NB - Antidepressant also have same effect, So this Question has controversial answers, but in actual clinical practice, drug like AVIL and PHENARAGAN are notorious to cause sedation !Lithium is not used as sedative but can cause sedation as side effect.

Autocoids (Histamine and Serotonin) Flashcard List

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