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Which of the following drugs causes hypomag-nesemia? (AIIMS Nov 2010)

A Griseofulvin
B Foscarnet

C Cisplatin
D All of the above

Ans. B


Basic physiology

Normal serum magnesium = 1.5 to 2.3 mg%

Extra Edge:

1). Serum Ca and Serum Mg level always go parallel in the body.

2). The notable exceptions are CRF (Hypocalcemia and Hypermagnesemia), Gitelman syndrome (Normocalcemia and hypomagnesemia)

3). Magnesium is required for PTH secretion and for PTH action (Ref. Oxford Hand book of medicine, 7th edi Pg-206)


Causes of hypomagnesemia

1). Reduce intake especially common in alcoholic patient and on TPN

2). GI losses - chronic diarrhea

3). Kidney loss – diuretics, Gitelman syndrome.

4). Acute pancreatitis

5). Drugs - Foscarnet (It is an anti-herpes group of drug used generally in zoster ophthalmitis).

Extra Edge: The clinical feature and ECG finding of hypomagnesemia are same as of hypocalcemia ,