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Cardiovascular System

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Which of the following marks the end of isovolumetric relaxation:(DNB Dec-2008)

A C wave in JVP

B Closing of semilunar valve

C Opening of semilunar valve

D Opening of AV valve

Ans. D Opening of AV valve

Isovolumetric relaxation ends when ventricular pressure falls below atrial pressure and the AV valves open allowing the ventricles to be filled with blood.

a wave Venous distention due to right atrial contraction Q

c wave Bulging of tricuspid valve into the right atrium during right ventricular isovolumetric systole and by the impact of the carotid artery adjacent to the jugular vein.Q

x descent Atrial relaxation and to the downward displacement of the tricuspid valve during ventricular systole. Q

v wave Increasing volume of blood in the right atrium during ventricular systole when the tricuspid valve is closed Q

y descent Opening of the tricuspid valve and the subsequent rapid inflow of blood into the right ventricle. Q