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Rehabilitative Methods

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Which of the following statement regarding cochlear implant is true: (AIIMS Nov 10)

A Cochlear malformation is not a CI to its use

B Contraindicated in children < 5 yrs of age

C Indicated in mild-moderate hearing loss

D Approached through oval window

Ans. A Cochlear malformation is not a CI to its use

Ref. Current Otolaryngology 3rd/ed p 8S6; Dhingra 5th/ed p 739-740


a. As discussed earlier Cochlear implants are useful in B/l severe to profound hearing loss and not in mild-moderate hearing loss :. Option C is incorrect (Dhingra Sth/ed p 139), 6th/ed p 125)

b. Cochlear implants can be implanted in children at 12 months of age, rather early implantation gives better results. (Dhingra 5th/ed p 139), 6th led p 125

c. "The timing of implantation is very important. Earlier implantation in children generally yields more favorable results and many centers roultinely implant children under 12 months of age:'

d. So friends-Option b-C/I in children < 5 years of age is incorrect.

e. Approach for cochlear implants is via facial recess, where a simple cortical mastoidectomy is done first and short process of incus and lateral semicircular canal is identified. The facial recess is operated by performing a posterior tymparotomy. A cochleostomy is then done inferior to round window (Not oval window) with the goal of affording access to scale tympani (where the electrode has to be placed).

f. Thus option d . it is approached through oval window is incorrect. So by exclusion are answer is a cochlear malformation is not a contradiction to its use.