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Antenna Array

An antenna array is a configuration of multiple antennas. Most antenna arrays consist of identical antennas. The antennas of an array (array elements) are positioned in a particular geometry in order to achieve specific radiation characteristics for the overall array pattern.


Antenna array is a common method of combining the radiations from a group or array of antennas.


Antenna array may take various forms, such as:
  • Linear Array: Here, array elements lie along a straight line.
  • Planar Array: Here, array elements are spread over a planar surface.
  • Conformal Array: In this, array elements conform to some nonplanar surface (such as an aircraft fuselage).
  • Phased Array: In this, the main beam of the stationary array can be steered electronically by changing the phases of the individual array elements.

Concept of Grating Lobes

A grating lobe is defined as a lobe, other than the main lobe, produced by an array antenna when the inter-element spacing is sufficiently large to permit the in-phase addition of radiated fields in more than one direction.

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