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Propagation of Uniform Plane Waves Through Different Media

We consider the wave propagation along the y-direction, so that the electric field Description: 18966.png has only z-component, Ez and the magnetic field has only the x-component, Hx. Then the solution of wave equations gives,
Description: 64454.png
where, Description: 22184.png

We now consider the wave propagation through the following four media:
  1. Wave propagation through imperfect (lossy) dielectric medium
  2. Wave propagation through perfect dielectric medium
  3. Wave propagation through free space
  4. Wave propagation through conducting medium (good conductors)

Surface Impedance (Zs)

The surface impedance is defined as the ratio of the tangential component of the electric field to the tangential component of the magnetic field. Also, according to the boundary condition, the tangential component of the magnetic field refers to surface current density. Hence, surface impedance is given as,
Description: 64545.png

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