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Solved Problems-2

The electric field intensity associated with a plane wave travelling in a perfect dielectric medium having μ = μ0 is given by,
Description: 37935.png V/m
Find the phase velocity, the permittivity of the medium and associated magnetic field vector Description: 37927.png. Velocity in free space = 3 × 108 m/s.
Here, ω = 6π × 107 rad/s, β = 0.4 π
phase velocity, Description: 37920.png
Now, Description: 37912.png
Description: 37902.png
By Maxwell’s equation,
or, Description: 37895.png
Comparing both sides, we get,
Hx = 0, Hz = 0
Description: 37885.png
or, Description: 37875.png
or, Description: 37866.png
Description: 37859.png
Description: 37851.png

Hence, the magnetic field is given as,
Description: 37841.png

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