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Electric Flux (ψ)

Electric flux is the flux of the electric field. It is the total number of electric field lines passing through a given surface perpendicularly. It is expressed in coulombs (C). It is the integral of the normal component of the vector Description: 43221.png over a surface.


Electric Flux Density Description: 43248.png
It is the total number of electric field lines per unit area passing through the area perpendicularly. It is expressed in coulombs per square metre (C/m2).

Properties of Electric Flux

  1. It is independent of the medium.
  2. Its magnitude depends only upon the charge from which it originated.
  3. If a point charge is enclosed in an imaginary sphere of radius R, the electric flux must pass perpendicularly and uniformly through the surface of the sphere.
  4. The electric flux density, i.e., flux per unit area, is then inversely proportional to R2.

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