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Solved Problem-8

Two infinite intersecting planes are intersecting at right angles. A charge of 100 nC is placed at (3, 4, 0). Find the electric potential and electric field intensity at (3, 5, 0).
In this case, the number of image charges is,
Description: 167733.png
The image configuration is shown in Fig.
The potential at P(x, y, z) due to all four charges is,
Description: 167717.png
Description: 167710.png
Description: 167696.png
Description: 214533.png
Image configuration
At P(3, 5, 0),
Description: 167688.png
So, the potential is given as,
Description: 167679.png
Field intensity is given as,
Description: 167672.png
However, Description: 167665.png
Description: 219630.png
Description: 167647.png

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