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Forces Due To Magnetic Fields

There are three ways of experiencing force due to magnetic fields:
  1. Force on a moving charged particle in a magnetic field
  2. Force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
  3. Force between two current-carrying conductors (Ampere’s force law)
Table: Comparison between Electric Force and Magnetic Force
Electric Force Description: 151184.png Magnetic Force Description: 151171.png
(i) It is in the same direction as the field Description: 151164.png. It is perpendicular to both Description: 151156.png and Description: 151147.png.
(ii) It can perform work. It cannot perform work.
(iii) It is independent of the velocity of charge. It depends upon the velocity of charge.
(iv) It can produce change in kinetic energy. It cannot produce change in kinetic energy.

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